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What Tourists need to know for smoking Cannabis in Thailand

Thailand is the pioneer Asian country to legalize cannabis. The government allows the use of weed for medicinal purposes. This step aims to boost the country’s agricultural and tourism industries. Naturally, there has been an increase in the flow of tourists who want to experience cannabis in Thailand. Are you also among them? Here are some guidelines you should know about smoking cannabis before you decide to fly to Thailand for the high.

Ten Guidelines Tourists Should Know Before Smoking Cannabis

The Ministry of Public Health lays down specific guidelines for tourists to avoid any misuse of this legalization. As a responsible tourist, you should follow these guidelines before you consume cannabis. This way, you can have fun and be safe.

  1. The country does not allow you to carry seeds or leaves or any part of cannabis plants to or from this country.Thailand and cannabis tourism is for your enjoyment in the country, so do not plan to carry it out, or there can be severe repercussions.
  2. People can grow weed at home since the production and cultivation of cannabis are legal in Thailand. However, you should register with the Food and Drug Administration through the look Ganja application or the official government website.
  3. Even if you want to use the flower buds for research or commercial purposes like sales or export, you require a legal permit from the government. 
  1. Individuals who are more than twenty years can consume cannabis without any restriction. Still, it is better to be cautious and responsible. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can only take cannabis if medically necessary and under the supervision of a medical health professional.
  2. You need a permit to carry extracts that contain more than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in natural or synthetic form. Tourists are liable to detention if they have it.
  3. Only authorized restaurants can sell cannabis edibles. The 420 Phuket Delivery is an official place that sells cannabis-infused brownies, cookies and candies.
  4. People can buy cannabis health products from dispensaries or clinics with permits. Check the licence and credibility of the place from where you purchase cannabis. It should be a reliable source.
  5. Individuals can consume cannabis on private property. Smoking weed in public places like malls or schools is strictly prohibited. If an individual violates this rule, they are liable to a three-month prison sentence and a fine of 25,000 baht ($750). It is fun to get high, but you better not get on your high horse. Having fun at someone else’s expense is not cool.
  6. Mixing cannabis with driving is dangerous for you as well as other people. You will not put your life in danger but also pose a risk to other innocent people. Refraining from driving after smoking or your fun can quickly become a legal issue.
  7. If any individual faces health concerns after consuming cannabis, they should immediately seek medical help. To avoid severe health problems, you should only buy cannabis legally from an authorized store like 420 Phuket Delivery. This way, you know that you are consuming top-quality stuff.

Where to buy Cannabis Legally in Thailand?

You can find many legal stores that sell cannabis in Thailand. However, you should visit 420 Phuket Delivery if you want the best-rated stuff. We operate in Pa Tong, Phuket and only sell the best quality imported cannabis from Canada and California. You can visit us and have fun interacting with fellow people at our premises, watching TV or playing your favourite games on PlayStation. We will deliver the fun to your doorstep with our 24 hours delivery service. If you do not want to step out, you can place an online order via our website. 

Apart from cannabis, we sell many products and accessories, such as cannabis edibles (candies, cookies, brownies), vape pens, hashish, concentrated oils and pre-rolls. Visit us to get the best legal cannabis in Thailand.