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Frequently asked questions

We are open 365 days a year 24/7 and our delivery service are available 24\7.

We strive to deliver your order in less than 60 minutes in Phuket.

We accept, All major credit cards, bitcoins, Thai banks QR transfers or Cash on delivery.

The sales of Cannabis are available to all over the age of 20 years old.

We have no minimum order required. We do offer free delivery for orders over 2000 baht.

State that to find the most accurate current menu is on instagram and social media or through messaging us directly

We only specialized in high graded cannabis product, mainly we only on sell Imported products.

We do, kindly contact us to provide you with accurate quotation for delivery fees. Note, we only offer delivery in Thailand.

Yes, you can! We have a cozy smoking area!

420 Phuket delivery is legally allowed to sell cannabis flower at our weed shops. We have fully authorized certification by the government to sell cannabis flower to clients, provided we are following all regulations of the Thai government.

However, it must be understood that the smoking of cannabis flower for recreational purposes is only decriminalized, and the smoking of cannabis flower should be done at a private place. Smoking weed in a public place, such as a quiet street, is tolerated provided you are not causing a nuisance or public disturbance. Please note that smoking weed and causing a public disturbance is illegal and carries financial penalties, so be smart about where you smoke your weed. And don't blow a massive smoke ring in a granny's face!

We always recommend clients to smoke cannabis in a private place, meaning your condominium, house, hotel balcony etc. This way, you will be rest assured that you are not causing any type of public disturbance.

Yes! 420 Phuket Delivery is a registered company that is fully licensed by the Thai government to sell cannabis. At 420 Phuket Delivery, we believe that this marijuana movement in Thailand is awesome, and we want to support the local cannabis industry by complying with all legal requirements.

No! You do not require a medical marijuana card or some sort of doctor's prescription to purchase weed from 420 Phuket Delivery. Just come on by and get your bud for the day or place your order online for a free delivery in less than 60 minutes.