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Moon Rockets Gelato Joint

A Moon Rocket is a similar concept to a Moon Rock, with the most significant difference being Moon Rockets are ready to smoke as is, where a Moon Rock can be challenging to use if you don't have the right tools available.

A moon rocket is a cone joint that is rolled using marijuana that has been infused with a flavored terpene for a taste like blueberry, blackberry, apples, or citrus. The cone is then coated in a layer of BHO and sprinkled with a dusting of fresh kief. Most Moon Rocks will also sport a filter as the cannabis mixture creates so plenty of resin that you won't want in your mouth.

Moon Rockets are the quicker way to make Moon Rocks resulting in a ready to smoke joint rather than a difficult to consume nugget. One of the best and more exciting benefits about this method is how quickly it can be done and ready to use.

They are made using the highest quality products available that when combined make for a potent mixture that will get you so much higher than any regular roll possibly could and are incredibly simple to make using only a few necessary materials.