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RAW Perforated Wide Tips

RAW Perforated Wide Tips were created to get the burning ember a little further away from our faces. These Wide tips are made from RAW's soft fiber paper and pressed for smooth and easy rolling. Silky smooth.

The perforated edges on these RAW filter tips not only makes them easier to adjust the length, but a snap to roll up as well. RAW Wide Tips come 50 tips per easy pull pack.

Whether you want your filter to give you that distance or just a bigger handle, RAW Wide filters tips are the way to go. Use these joint filters and put a stop to tearing the tops off cigarette boxes or using plastic coated flyers. That unfortunate practice not only affects the taste, but isn't too good for you either.

The thing with tips is that everyone rolls differently and has different preferences, so RAW Rolling Papers is all about giving you exactly what you need to make that elusive perfect smoke. No chemical bleaching or chlorine used in any RAW tips.