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Bong, made from silicon with double filtration

A silicon bong with double filtration is a type of water pipe that is made from silicone, a flexible and heat-resistant material that is easy to clean and more durable than traditional glass bongs. The double filtration system in this type of bong typically consists of two chambers or percolators, each filled with water to filter and cool the smoke.

The first chamber, which is located at the bottom of the bong, is where the smoke is initially filtered. The second chamber is often located above the first chamber, and it contains a percolator with multiple holes or slits to further filter and diffuse the smoke.

The use of silicone material in the construction of the bong allows for a more versatile and durable smoking experience. The flexibility of the silicone allows the bong to withstand accidental drops or other forms of mishandling, making it a popular choice for smokers who are looking for a more resilient smoking device.