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RAW Gum Strips 3ft Roll

Tired of sacrificing perfectly good sheets of RAW Rolling Papers just to get the gum strips? You don’t need to waste papers anymore for that tiny strip of gum with the new RAW Classic Gum Strips!

This RAW Classic Gum Strips is 3 feet of the beautiful RAW Classic paper completely covered with natural Acacia gum and rolled up in a handy dispenser box. Just tear off any little or large pieces of gum whenever you need to do repairs or create your next smokable masterpiece.

Each roll can repair 5,000 holes (give or take…) It’s also the perfect tool for creating custom rolls; from the infamous Cross joint to peace sign joints and everything in between. With this roll of Gum Strip you can elevate your rolling game.

3ft roll of nothing but natural Acacia gum strips over RAW Classic rolling paper.

Naturally Unrefined

No additives

Made from plants

3 feet of pure Acacia gummed paper